Scalable IT solutions that continue to work as your business grows.

A brand-new technology infrastructure is great, but what is it worth when your business grows so large that the solution isn’t as effective?

Even worse, what happens if your business grows so much that it needs a new solution and your IT can’t keep up? This doesn’t exist with Bit One.

We provide scalable solutions that grow with your business so that the first solution is the best solution, and if you need changes to your environment because your business is doing too well, our infrastructure reviews mean that your business success won’t be hamstrung by your technology.

Technology Consulting

Strategic planning and expert insight for your environment’s technology.

With over 20 collective years of experience in IT, we’ll apply what we know to your environment. Although in-depth knowledge isn’t necessary to get by, having that resource nearby improves productivity, organization, and results. Even better, should urgent issues occur that require rapid change in technology, having experienced professionals who can make informed decisions on the spot can prove a lifesaver.

Managed IT Services

Always available technical support for your employees and infrastructure.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if technology just worked? Sadly, even the best setups encounter issues, and that gets in the way of a business. Available at a moment's notice, we can resolve a technical issue in minutes that would normally take hours of forum surfing for your employees and at a fraction of the cost of the salary of a full-time technician as well.


Solutions to protect your data, eliminate vulnerabilities, and have contingency plans to maintain business continuity.

If a fortress has a crack in its wall, it will be exploited sooner or later, maybe with a denial-of-service attack to stop your business, perhaps a ransomware attack to exploit your data, or even a little phishing attempt that penetrates your infrastructure. Your infrastructure doesn’t have to be a Wild West. We know the best practices to guard against all threats you’ll face: offsite/onsite backup solutions; phishing prevention; proactive bandwidth throttling. Let us guard your systems so your business never has to deal with one of these attacks.

Incident Response

Whatever the emergency, whether the network has gone down, a server won’t boot, or necessary machines are failing, we’ll be there.

It’s no surprise that when critical systems go down, the business also goes down. If an experienced team isn’t around to handle such an emergency, a business playing a game of dice every day. With us at your side, we’ll be available 24/7 for any such event, and should it ever happen, our expertise will change what could’ve been a system down for days into mere hours, getting your business back into motion as soon as possible.

We’re an MSP that Truly Helps

Many IT firms hinder businesses more than they help them. At Bit One, we excel in our communication, transparency, and follow-through to ensure that we really are helping our clients.

It’s sad that something like this needs to be clarified, but yes, we do help our clients. In the modern day, too many MSPs are unresponsive or take too long to provide assistance. We do our best to make the success of your business our business.